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Partner with your own dedicated coach for unparalleled support and accountability

We learn about your unique situation and preferences, and then match you with the perfect coach. You’ll connect with your coach regularly by video-call (e.g., SkypeTM) and message them and your peers on your phone, tablet, or computer, all on your schedule, so you’re never alone.

Make healthy choices second nature with a holistic plan that fits your lifestyle

You'll feel empowered through weekly mindset reflections, strengthened through regular physical activity, and nourished through real foods on your nutrition plan, all simply outlined for you in customizable plans that fit your lifestyle.

Burn 15-30 pounds in 16-weeks, and more importantly, keep it off for good!

Each week, you'll learn and practice the skills you need to make changes that will last for the rest of your life, with your coach and peers there to guide you and keep you smiling along the way.

16 Week Program - $99 $79/mo (with $20 Manatee Discount)


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