PowerUP™ Frequently Asked Questions

How does your guarantee work?
Simple. If you’re not satisfied by the time you complete your second full week of PowerUP™, then email us at info@powerupmyhealth.com and we’ll refund your first (and only) month’s payment.

Do I need to buy any special products, foods, etc.?
Nope. All the physical activities we recommend can be done on your own, and the foods we recommend are available at your local grocery store and in many restaurants.

How long does the PowerUP™ program last?
Our intent is to stay with you until you’re confident in your new habits. Upon completion of the 16-week intensive program, you have the option to stay connected to your coach along with all the resources of PowerUP™ – keeping you supported and accountable until you no longer need us.

Who are the PowerUP™ coaches?
Our coaches come from all walks of life. This includes researchers, nutritionists, personal trainers, behaviorists, health coaches, and former PowerUP™ members, but the common thread between all of our coaches is that they are dedicated to helping others succeed. And not only are they rigorously trained in the tenets of PowerUP™, but they themselves have gone through the program and continue to live its principles.

Is PowerUP™ family friendly?
Definitely. That’s because we encourage you to enjoy real, whole, foods. These include lean proteins, complex carbs, and healthy fats, with room for the occasional (and much needed) indulgence. We’ll help you out with a variety of recipes and food prep tips, but you’ll decide how to prepare meals and snacks that you, your spouse and/or kid(s) will love.

Is PowerUP™ vegetarian-friendly?
Yes. Just let your coach know that you’re a vegetarian and they’ll work with you to customize your nutrition plan to meet your needs.

What, exactly, are these ‘mindset exercises’? This is new for me.
You’ll work with your coach to engage in reflective exercises and some independent work to help you become more conscious of your motivations and drivers. They’ll help you understand the root and triggers of some of your existing habits so you can start shifting them in a healthier direction.

Can I participate in PowerUP™ while breastfeeding?
Yes, so long as your doctor gives you the thumbs up to start a weight management program. Just tell your coach that you’re breastfeeding and they’ll work with you to customize your nutrition plan to meet the needs of you and your child.

Is it safe for me to participate in PowerUP™ if I have a chronic condition (e.g. diabetes)?
The PowerUP™ food and activity plan is healthy for everyone but we recommend that you consult with your doctor before starting PowerUP™ if any of the following apply:

  • You have heart disease
  • You have asthma or lung disease
  • You have diabetes or kidney disease
  • You have arthritis

You should also check with your doctor if you have symptoms suggestive of heart, lung or other serious disease such as:
  • Pain or discomfort in your chest, neck, jaw or arms during physical activity
  • Dizziness or fainting with exercise or exertion
  • Shortness of breath with mild exertion, at rest, or when lying down or going to bed
  • Ankle swelling, especially at night
  • A rapid or pronounced heartbeat
  • A heart murmur that your doctor has previously diagnosed
  • Lower leg pain when you walk, which goes away with rest

Contact Us
If you have any other questions, please contact us at info@powerupmyhealth.com or call us at 1-888-767-1125.