You deserve to live a healthier, happier life.
We’ll empower you to get there.

Why PowerUP works!

PowerUP is based on insights from 10,000 individuals who lost an average of 70 pounds and kept it off for six years and counting. We’ll help you achieve and maintain your goal with a process that’s proven to work!

How does PowerUP work?

In 16 weeks, we can change healthy from a task into a lifestyle by giving you:

Personalized Nutrition Plan

Enjoy a nutrition plan designed to burn fat and give you more energy. Enjoy real, energy-rich foods (and your favorite indulgences!) that help ensure you’ll stick with it for the long-term!

Mindset Exercises

Reflective activities help you feel empowered and inspired. Gradually these activities will help create a mental shift that makes your new nutrition and activity habits become second nature.

Personalized Activity Plan

Build an activity routine that fits with your lifestyle. We don't prescribe specific workouts - we just ask you to get moving, then build on that success over time. And we encourage you to have fun while doing it!

How is PowerUP different?

It’s not just ‘another weight loss program.’

Our program helps you transform your habits, making nutrition and exercise as routine as brushing your teeth.

You’ll see.
You may surprise yourself.

We’re flexible

We want this to work for your life.

You choose:
  • How you receive support and accountability
  • How you stay active
  • What you eat - we don’t sell food!

We’ll help you lose weight.
But we’re hoping to change your life.

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